Escaneo a todo color de alta velocidad

El excelente rendimiento mantiene alta la productividad de la oficina.

Este escáner puede convertir rápidamente una gran cantidad de documentos en datos electrónicos, por lo que proporciona un uso fluido incluso en oficinas con muchos usuarios. El escaneo de documentos en datos permite consolidar la información, lo que mejora la eficiencia del trabajo. Y reduce el costo de manipulación de documentos y reduce el espacio necesario para almacenarlos.

Escaneo dúplex

Evita que se pierdan páginas al escanear.


El escaneo a doble cara de documentos desde el tamaño de una tarjeta de visita hasta A4 se puede realizar con un solo escaneo. Además, el escaneo a doble cara se realiza a la misma velocidad que el escaneo a una cara. Esto elimina la necesidad de dar la vuelta al documento repetidamente hacia adelante y hacia atrás para volver a escanear, y evita que se pierdan páginas al escanear.

Sistema de rodillos de prevención de alimentación doble

Evita los atascos en el escaneo.


El rodillo de prevención de doble alimentación activa invierte la rotación en el instante en que el documento principal sale de la sección de alimentación de papel para evitar la doble alimentación de documentos que están pegados entre sí.

Escaneo de papel compuesto

Se puede alimentar papel compuesto, como papel de copia sin carbón.

Se proporciona un mecanismo de liberación del rodillo de prevención de doble alimentación. Al cambiar la palanca del rodillo DFP, también se puede alimentar papel compuesto, como papel de copia sin carbón. *

* Cuando el selector de alimentación manual suelta el rodillo de prevención de doble alimentación, la función de detección de doble alimentación debe cancelarse mediante una configuración de software. Al escanear un documento manualmente, alimente el documento de uno en uno.

Intelligent Double-Feed Detection

Memorizes the canceled double-feed detection as a scan setting

The positions and lengths of attached paper strips, such as labels, vouchers and photos, can be memorized to automatically disable Double-Feed Detection for documents with the same format.

Ultrasonic Double-feed Detection tings.

Prevent scanning errors
In addition to its double-feed prevention roller, the double-feed prevention system is enhanced by an ultrasonic sensor that detects the double feeding of originals during scanning. This innovative design prevents double feeding, and has been proven effective even when the documents being scanned contain a mix of paper of different weights or thickness. Thanks to double-feed prevention, optimum reliability is assured even when scanning high volumes of documents.

Double-feed Skip Funcyion

Cancels double-feed errors to simplify rescanning


When scanning stops due to documents that include things like envelopes or that have sticky notes attached, simply press the Skip key to cancel the error and resume scanning.

Document Output Control

Prevents the output order from changing.

The output speed is automatically lowered for documents that are 148 mm (5.82 inches) or shorter, and the exit guides keep the document from slipping. This stops longer documents from sliding under shorter ones to prevent the output order from changing.


Single Touch Scanning

Easy Scanning with a single press of the button.


Settings can be made with a single press of the button while confirming the desired settings with the scanner’s LED and cursor buttons.

* Previously set jobs must be registered from the PC to the scanner. Up to 9 job settings can be registered.



Booklet Scanning

Multi-page documents can be scanned with the ADF.

By switching the DFP roller lever, multi-page documents, passports, and bankbooks can be scanned.

* Less than 4.0 mm (0.15 in.) thickness
* When scanning a passport or bankbook, use a carrier sheet (KV-SS077) to prevent paper damage.

Thin Paper Scanning

No more wornes about scanning thin paper.

Now you can continuously scan documents that are as thin as 0.04 mm. That makes it easy to scan thin forms or vouchers. And it increases the number of situations where you can use scanning — without worrying about thin paper.

Embossed Card Scanning

Enables smooth emboseed card scanning.

This model can scan up to three embossed cards, such as driver’s licenses, consecutively.

Mixed Paper and Hard Card Batch Scanning

Enables hard card scanning with paper documents in a single batch.

This scanner was designed to be able to combine paper documents along with a hard ID card, such as a driver’s license, in a single batch by using the mixed card batch guide.

Long Paper Mode

Even documents of unusually lohg sizes can be scanning.

The highly reliable paper feed system lets you scan documents up to 5588 mm (220 inches) in length. This is ideal for scanning electrocardiograms (EKG) or other special documents. This single scanner handles a wide variety of applications.

Automatic Image Orientation

No more worries about the documents direction.


Even when documents are set in different directions, this function detects the direction of the scanned text in documents and automatically rotates it into the correct direction.* This boosts work efficiency by eliminating the need to change the direction of each page in advance when scanning large quantities of documents with various sizes and directions.

* The orientation of documents with many characters using text decorations may not be correct.



Advanced Image Processing

Makes complicated settings automatically to improve scanning quality.


The Automatic Brightness Adjustment function automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast of scanned images, even on documents with varying paper colors and text hues, to produce scanned images with suitable brightness.

2-Page Separation

Easily get the data you need from each page.


This function automatically divides the single image into two single sheets*. Dividing scanned documents saves time and trouble because it makes complex editing operations unnecessary.

* Divided lengthwise or crosswise. The length of the scanned document is divided in half. The division is not based on the content of the document.

Power Saving

Reduces Power consumption.

LED lighting

The scanning section uses LEDs for its light source to lower power consumption while scanning.

Sleep mode

Power consumption is suppressed to 2.9 watt maximum during sleep mode to save energy while the scanner is not being used.

Power Auto Off function

The power automatically turns off at a preset time to cut down on wasted electricity.*

* Approximately 0.5 W of electricity is consumed when the power is off.

Gate Mechanism

Realiable paper feed mechanism.

100 sheets* can be easily placed on the ADF by using the gate mechanism. This avoids paper feed problems and skewing.

* The ADF capacity for less than 100mm (3.9 inches) length pager and legal size documents is up to 80 sheets

Easy Maintenance

Reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

The clamshell design allows full, easy access to the entire paper path, so you can clear paper jams or clean the unit without calling a service center. The rollers last a long time and are easy to replace when worn, also improving the unit’s cost-effectiveness.

Auto Erasure Security

A high degree of safety.

Scanned data is automatically erased from the scanner memory as soon as scanning is completed. This basically eliminates the danger of information leaks, and ensures the user of safe, secure scanning.

Space-Saving Installation

The scanner can be installed just about anywhere.

Its small footprint allows it to conveniently fit into small spaces, such as reception counters or desk sides. For example, placing it at the reception area of a bank or hospital allows customer or patient ID cards, Passports and other documents to be quickly scanned. This enables real-time information sharing to help provide fast, accurate service.
With no need for an AC adaptor, it takes up minimal space.

Image Enhancement Technology

  KV-SL1066 / KV-SL1056
Dynamic Threshold Scanner Hardware supported feature
White Level from Paper Scanner Hardware supported feature
Automatic Brightness Adjustment Scanner Hardware supported feature
Automatic Separation Scanner Hardware supported feature
Automatic Crop / Deskew Scanner Hardware supported feature
Blank Page Removal Scanner Hardware supported feature
Intelligent Paper Ejection Control Scanner Hardware supported feature
Long Paper Mode Scanner Hardware supported feature
Background Color Scanner Hardware supported feature
Double Feed Skip Scanner Hardware supported feature
Detect Control Sheet Scanner Hardware supported feature
Separation Sheets Scanner Hardware supported feature
Multi Color Drop Out Scanner Hardware supported feature
Automatic Color / Binary Distinction Scanner Hardware supported feature
MultiStream Scanner Hardware supported feature
Double Exposure Driver Software supported feature
Smooth Background Scanner Hardware supported feature
Hole Removal Driver Software supported feature
2-Page Separation Driver Software supported feature
Auto Preview Scanner Hardware supported feature
Auto Rescan Scanner Hardware supported feature
Notification Function Driver Software supported feature
(Optional KV-SS081 is required)
Scanner Hardware supported feature Scanner Hardware supported feature
Driver Software supported feature Driver Software supported feature


  KV-SL1066 KV-SL1056
Scanning Face Duplex scanning
Scanning Method Color CIS (600 dpi) / Black or White Background / Sensor : CMOS
Scanning Resolution*1 ICP/
50 – 600 dpi (1 dpi step)
1,200 dpi (Interpolated)

Optical: 300 dpi / 600 dpi (Automatic switch)

ISIS 100 – 600 dpi (1 dpi step)
1,200 dpi (Interpolated) 

Optical: 300 dpi / 600 dpi (Automatic switch)

Binary Speed*2
Portrait, 200 / 300 dpi
Letter Simplex 65 ppm 45 ppm
Duplex 130 ipm 90 ipm
A4 Simplex 65 ppm 45 ppm
Duplex 130 ipm 90 ipm
Color Speed*2
Portrait, 200 / 300 dpi
Letter Simplex 65 ppm 45 ppm
Duplex 130 ipm 90 ipm
A4 Simplex 65 ppm 45 ppm
Duplex 130 ipm 90 ipm
Feed Tray capacity Up to 100 sheets 80 g/m2(21 lbs., A4 or Letter)
3 hard cards (ISO 7810 ID-1)
Up to 75 sheets 80 g/㎡(21 lbs., less than 100 mm length paper and Legal size)
Other Functions • Length Control
• Control sheet
• Patch code detection (Type 2, 3, T)
• Long paper mode
• Double Feed Skip
Image Output Binary 1-bit, Grayscale 8-bit, Color 24-bit,
MultiStream (Color & Binary or Gray & Binary)
Internal Video Processing 1,024 levels (10-bit)
Tonal Gradation (Bitonal Mode) Dither, Error diffusion, Grayscale (8 bit), Binary
Image Compression MH, MMR, JPG
Paper Size*3 Minimum 48 mm x 54 mm (1.9 in. x 2.1 in.)
Maximum 218 mm x 356 mm (8.6 in. x 14 in.)
Max. Imaging Size 216 mm x 5,588 mm (8.5 in. x 220 in.)*4
Paper Thickness
Note: 1 mil = 1/1000 in.
Single Feed 0.04 to 0.5 mm (1.6 to 19.7 mils)
Continuous Feed 0.04 to 0.5 mm (1.6 to 19.7 mils)
(Paper Weight)
4.0 mm (167.5 mils) or less (including carrier sheet)
Card: Up to 0.76 mm (30.0 mils)
Embossing card: Up to 1.4 mm (55.1 mils)
Business Card
Single Feed mode using Strait Path (ISO standard 7810 ID-1 card scanning including embossed card)
Paper Weight*6 Single Feed 20 to 413 g/m2 (5.4 to 110 lbs.)
Interface USB 3.1 Gen 1 (backward compatible)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 300 x 272 x 238 mm (11.8 x 10.7 x 9.4 in.)
When the exit tray is closed
Weight 4.0 kg (8.8 lbs.)
Power Requirement*7 AC100 – 125 V 50/60 Hz 0.8 A (AC100 – 125 V) or
AC200 – 240 V 50/60 Hz 0.5 A (AC200 – 240 V)
Power Consumption Scanning 36 W or less
Standby 7 W or less
Sleep 1.8 W or less
Power OFF 0.3 W or less (100 V Type), 0.5 W or less (200 V Type)
Operating Environment 5 °C to 35 °C (41 °F to 95 °F), 20% to 80% RH
Storage Environment -10°C to 50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F), 8% to 75% RH

• Quick installation guide
• Power cord
• USB cable
• Feed tray
• Mixed batch card guide

• Device driver software
• ISIS driver software
• TWAIN driver software
• WIA driver software
• Image Capture Plus application software
• User Utility software
• Scan Button Setting Tool
• Operating manual
• Control sheet

Roller Exchange Kit KV-SS061
Carrier Sheet KV-SS077
Roller cleaning paper KV-SS03
Flatbed Scanner KV-SS081

*1 When scanning a document larger than A5 size at high resolutions over 600 dpi, the scanning may fail due to insufficient memory. 50 – 99 dpi and 1200 dpi can be used only when scanning with Image Capture Plus, TWAIN, or ISIS (ICP: Ver. or later, TWAIN: Ver. or later).
*2 The scanning speed differs depending on the host computer, the operating system, the application, the measuring method, the quantity of data in the image, and the paper type. The scanning speed is as determined by Panasonic methods of speed measurement.
*3 Though other paper size can be specified, it cannot be guaranteed.
*4 The maximum size that can be scanned varies depending on the resolution.
*5 Use the carrier sheet (KV-SS077) to scan passport. Depending on the condition (operating environment, dirt, scratches, etc.) of the carrier sheet or passport, the image processing function may not work properly. Scan beforehand to confirm the scanned image.
*6 «Weight in ponds» of paper represents the weight of 500 sheets (432 x 559 mm /17 x 22 in.).
*7 The power requirement differs depending on the country/area.

• ISIS is a registered trademark or trademark of Open Text Corporation.
• ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR certification marks are registered US marks.
• All product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
• Specifications are subject to change without notice.
• Dimensions and weights are approximate.